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¿Qué dicen de Libérate?

Tropical Leaves

Master teacher Sofía González's feedback on Libérate healing circles, sponsored by the Latinx Education Collaborative


"Mara is a light and a force of nature. The love she brings to the client/coach relationship is genuine and so encouraging. We worked together over a month to help me envision the boundaries I needed to honor to be able to show up as a mom that is truest to my own instincts (and not so influenced by what everyone else thinks is right). We worked on scripts that helped me communicate my boundaries with my family, and we also worked to help me bring together two conflicting parenting ideologies that were making me second guess a lot  of my choices around boundaries.  She helped to nudge me past difficulties with texts and check-ins along the way that kept me working to my goal. I feel so lucky to be able to have worked with Mara and am honored to encourage others to work with her as well!"


"My sessions with Maraliz were extremely helpful. I have been battling with myself to break a very bad habit that has gotten progressively worse throughout the years with no success. Maraliz helped me to create customized action steps that were achievable to assist in overcoming my challenges and problems that have hindered my success. I developed new insight and awareness during my sessions that have brought me to a more positive place where I know I can break not just one bad habit but many bad habits. Maraliz is very articulate, a fantastic listener and is very good at communicating with you, which really helped me throughout our sessions. I highly recommend that if you are trying to overcome a challenge to lay your trust with Maraliz and reach the success you desire.”


"I started working with Maraliz because I thought I needed support navigating through some leadership moves at work. Through exercises with Mara, I quickly realized the area I actually wanted to explore and develop was spirituality. I had NO idea what I was getting into. The journey with Mara was unforgettable, and through it I learned some life-long skills and new practices that I will forever hold close to my heart. Mara is so great at providing resources so that between sessions I could have opportunities to continue the learning. I've built a new understanding of spirituality, I feel more grounded to my purpose, I am better connected with my ancestors, and I am more aligned with the universe. The best part, my job experience was positively impacted by the work I was doing with Mara! Mara coaches with love, authenticity, patience and grace. She's also great at calling you in when you need some gentle accountability. As a woman of color, her coaching philosophy and her own story were integral in creating a safe, supportive, and brave coaching environment - one that I could truly be myself in. I will forever be grateful for the love and light Mara shared with me!"

Erin R.

"A session with Mara is wildly inspiring and always sends me off ready to conquer. Mara walks alongside me in the beautiful ups and dark downs and I consistently feel supported and uplifted by her. The things I take away from calls with her are truly priceless and I am so grateful for the work she is called to and to be a part of it." 

Ms. Castro

"This past summer I found myself in a rut/stuck and needing some guidance. I remember telling myself that I wanted to consider a life coach.  Because my God is so on time I found out about Liberate and Mara's services right on time. The events that followed needed Mara just as much as I did. She helped guide me through it successfully and with peace.  Opening up to people does not come easy but it was so easy and light with Mara. Authenticity is important to me and she was a breath of fresh air every week for 3 months. I would recommend her to anyone that asked. The added resources she would share after the call were crucial to keeping me on track and focus. Truly THE highlight of 2020."

Erin M.

"I had been struggling with a major career decision for months. I was up in the middle of the night and couldn’t shake the fear of what to do. In 15 minutes Mara got me to a place where I could think it through. She walked me through the steps to make a decision that was true to me and my worth. She reminded me that I’m loyal to me and ONLY me. As women we forget this. Mara gave me not only peace of mind and clarity but uplifted my heaviness I had been battling. She is the TRUTH."


“Mara’s coaching supported (and is still supporting) me through one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my professional and person life!  If you're tryna get free, Mara is the one!  She can hold a tremendous amount of space for everything you bring into coaching while also facilitating and processing it towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your goals.  She has an endless amount of strategies, captures the process for you with notes and will continue to support you beyond the coaching space with resources, quotes and lots of love.  I made a beautiful and very intentional transition in my life as a result of Mara’s coaching and also gained a life-long comrade and hermana.” 


"Maraliz has been instrumental as I have worked on navigating my personal relationships and setting goals for my personal development. She has the ability to really listen to what I am saying and then mirror back to me the themes that she hears when I talk about what I want, what I need, and how to set boundaries in my personal and professional life. Maraliz has helped me to stay focused on the goals that I have in both my personal and professional life so that I can be my best self for the people that I care about and the work that I love. I highly recommend working with Maraliz if you are looking for a coach to help you walk through any transition point in your life.'


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Tropical Leaves
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