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Liberatory Coaching

Whereas traditional life coaching can follow a linear path from start to goal and ignore social context, a liberatory approach recognizes that we are part of a colonial, capitalist, patriarchal society whose norms influence our beliefs and motivations.


Entonces, I incorporate opportunities to challenge a dominant cultural mindset and get to the heart of what truly drives your desire to change or grow.

My coaching is ‘liberatory’ because I've seen too much living in survival mode and believe it's time for us to thrive!

As Assata taught us, it is our duty to fight, win, love and support each other in

breaking our chains

So, if you, too, have forgotten to include yourself amongst those who get to walk up to the sun, it would be my honor to stand alongside you on your journey there.

And you will not be the only recipient of these fruits! The transformed version of you will be able to better rise up to the broader social challenges ahead. Your community will benefit from the new lover, dreamer, builder or creative who emerges from your authentic self. Your family and workplace will, too, gain from a more satisfied and anchored you.

I can't think of no better time in our collective story than now to

get free!

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Who do I work with?

Whether you’re a frustrated mom, a languid lover, are questioning your life purpose, or just struggling with getting back to center, let me help you converge those conflicting parts of you, so you can get out of your own way, move forward, and embrace the you that’s on the other side of change, abundance, and wholeness.

Are you ready to invest in you?

​I promise you’re worth it!

Packages & Rates



6 weekly sessions

(one 1.5h + five 1h)


Explore inner & outer processes

for short-term goal attainment


Exec/Org - $1350

Standard - $1050

Scaled - $750



 12 weekly sessions

(one 1.5h + eleven 1h)

Achieve long-term goal/s,
relieve the intrapersonal
conflict with self


Exec/Org - $2700

Standard - $2100

Scaled - $1500



 24 weekly coaching sessions

(one 1.5h + twenty-three 1h)

Achieve long-term or multiple goal/s, transcend blocks and obstacles to goal attainment


Exec/Org - $5400

Standard - $4200

Scaled - $3000

Ready to live


I would love to hear from you!


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